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Nutrition Counseling

Feed Well, Live Better

What You Feed Matters

Good nutrition is the key to having a healthy, happy, and long living dog. It can be so difficult to make a decision when choosing the right dog food for your dog. You have to consider your dog's weigh, body condition, and activity level. There is also so much to consider raw, homemade, grain-free, hydrolyzed, and more. How in the world do dog owners figure it all out and choose the best for their? Allergies and gastrointestinal issues can make choosing that much harder! You don't have to do it alone, our canine nutrition counselor is here to help!

Get The Help You Need

Our pet nutrition counselor is one of the few in Knoxville, TN. She is available for in-person and virtual consultations to discuss your dog's health and help you choose the best dog food. Your pet nutrition counselor will guide you through all the options and help you choose the right food for your dog and your budget. At a canine nutrition consultation you can expect to....

  • Evaluate Your Dog's Body Condition: Is your dog too skinny? Does your dog have a few pounds to loose? How is your dog's coat condition? Is your dog struggling with arthritis? Your pet nutrition counselor will look at your dog with you to discuss things to be considered when selecting a dog food formula.
  • Discuss Your Dog's Health Concerns. Does your dog have allergies? Is your dog diabetic? Is your dog over weight? Make sure to tell your pet nutritionist your dog's health history. This will help your pet nutrition expert pick a dog to aid in their health and recovery.
  • Discuss your budget and time constraints Your pet nutrition counselor wants to pick a dog food, you can stick with. Be ready to talk about a budget and how much time you can give to food prep.
  • Dicuss your dog's likes and dislikes We want to help you pick a dog food that your dog will LOVE! Let us know if there is something they love or hate.
  • Make a Plan Make a plan with your pet nutrition counselor and put that plan into action! Your nutrition plan may require a follow up to ensure your dog is adapting well to their new formula and feeling better.

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