5 Dog Behaviors Hiring a Dog Walker Can Solve

A tired dog is always a good dog

Dog Walks Are Essential

Finding time for your dog's daily walk can sometimes feel impossible but that doesn't change the fact that dog walks are a necessary part of your dog's care. You don't have to do it all alone, there are wonder dog walkers in Knoxville, TN who are here to help you bridge the gap in your dogs care needs. Hiring a dog walker not only provides essential care for your dog but it also curbs a lot of boredom and stress related behaviors. Dogs with overactive minds who are lacking the calm mindset regular dog walks provide have a lot of happiness to gain from a dog walker and a lot of unwanted behaviors to lose. We are here to share to top 5 dog behaviors that can be solved from hiring a Knoxville dog walker.

Hire A Dog Walker and Say Goodbye To These Unwanted Behaviors

  • Barking: Wear out your dog's brain with a long dog walk and your dog won't feel so bored that they need to bark at every little noise
  • Jumping Up: Our Knoxville dog walkers don't just go for a simple walk, they work on training and manners at the same time. A good dog walker will teach your dog to sit to greet others while out on their walk.
  • Hyper Activity: Remember a tired dog is a good dog. A dog walker will tire you dog out to the max degree and return them exhausted.
  • Leash Reactivity: Our Knoxville dog walkers are dog trainers too! We make the most of your dog's walk by making sure to work on training and promote good manners. Each dog walk is a step towards better behavior.
  • Anxiety & Fear: The best way to build your dog's confidence is to expose them to a lot of different things. Our Knoxville dog walkers encourage your dog to step out of their bubble while on walks and reward their courage.

Its More Than Just A Walk

A quality dog walker shouldn't let your dog just drag them about smelling. Our Knoxville Dog Walkers know that every interaction is an opportunity to do more! Our dog walkers work in training practice to promote a loose leash walk, minimize reactivity, and create good manners that you will see the next time you walk your dog on your own. A dog walk is the time to put your dog to work draining energy and filling their desire for enrichment activities. There are all sorts of games your dog walker can play with your dog along their walk such as Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light. Our dog walkers are dedicated to getting the most out of your dog's walk so that they return to you tired and well behaved.

Book a dog walk for your dog today! Our dog walkers are available everyday to enrich and exhaust your dog. Your dog is only one dog away from better behavior

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