Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Obedience focuses on your public routine and how to deal with distractions. Whether you are having issues at your local park, your favorite restaurant, or your local pet store, we are excited to get to work on your public routine! Our positive reinforcement dog training techniques are perfect to help your dog walk in to public confidently and in a behaved manner.

Supplies Needed:

  • Dog Treat Bag
  • Pea Sized Dog Treats
  • Walking Collar (if applicable)
  • 6 ft. Standard Leash
  • 20 ft. Dog Training Leash
  • Water Bowl & Water

All of our dog and human clients are unique and lead different lives, and all of our dog training classes are personalized to fit your unique goals and desired routine. Below is a sample of a typical Intermediate Obedience dog training plan. Depending on your dog, your goals, and routine, your dog training plan could look different.

Week 1: Review Beginner Skills

Review Beginner Skills and teach your dog how to "load up" and "Load out" of the car. Discuss good safety tips for public outings. Get a dog first aid kit supply list.

Week 2: Park Day

Learn how to respond to distractions and keep your dogs focus.

Week 3: Park Day

Check progress and learn a new command like left and right heel position.

Week 4: Park Day

Check progress,learn how to meet a new non reactive dog, and how to deal with a reactive dog.

Week 5: Public Place

Choose pet friendly store or patio restaurant. Practice around staged dog.

Week 6: Public Place

Choose a pet friendly store or patio restaurant. Practice ignoring food and learn to "Place" under the table.

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