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Meet The Team

Hanna Boyer

Owner & Dog Trainer

"Every interaction with your dog sends a message. I want to teach you how to send the right message without using pain or intimidation."

Hanna is an animal lover with a lifelong passion and dedication to helping dogs. Born and raised in Dandridge, Tennessee, she has always had a love for animals and a passion for advocating for dogs. She did many hours of volunteer work at animal shelters and dog rescues in high school and while attending the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While living near Camp Lejeune, NC She was hired by a local PTSD service dog trainer and found herself spending all of her time helping care for and training service dogs. It was then that her love for dogs grew into a passion for understanding the canine mind. Hanna witnessed first hand that truly understanding a dog is the key to helping it live a long and happy life. She was amazed by what positive reinforcement dog training could do to help a dog find peace, balance, and purpose.

Upon moving back to Knoxville in 2015, Hanna decided it was time to bring positive reinforcement to the community. My Curious Canine was started to bring better understanding to the dogs we call family. Through partnerships with local shelters like Young Williams Animal Center and rescue groups, she has been able to spread the message to countless dog owners that positive reinforcement is the safest and most effective way to train a dog.

Allison Poulin

Dog Trainer / Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Allison is originally from Washington state, but being born into a military family she has grown up traveling the United States, Europe, and finally settling down in Florida where she spent time volunteering in animal shelters and leading 4-H clubs. Through all of her travels Allison has carried along with her the love to rescue animals in need. She believes in nurturing the hurt and injured and having an especially soft spot for strays.

After high school Allison went to pharmacology school and became a Registered Pharmacy Technician, but feeling the rushed life of that field pushed her to move to Knoxville and pursue a dream of using positive reinforcement to train dogs that just need that extra gentle nurturing. Allison is a skilled craftswoman, loving mother, and determined go getter! She knows what it is like to try to balance a home, multiple jobs, children, and still make time to recuperate herself. She's just waiting to share her knowledge and love with you!

Benjamin Graf

Dog Trainer

Benjamin was born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi. During high school he began dog training at home with his family's dog, Demon. Benjamin learned how important the positive reinforcement training was for not only Demon, but also for himself. This helped him discover his love of dog training and planted a seed for his future. In 2013, Benjamin joined the Marine Corps and spent the next 4 years in places like Japan, Korea, and finally Pensacola, Florida where he met his wife.

After finishing his contract with the Marine Corps, he moved to Grainger County with his wife. Currently, he attends the University of Tennessee while pursuing an Animal Science degree. In 2018, his wife gave birth to their first child. Big changes were in store for them and their 2 dogs, Louie and Athena. Benjamin understands the stress of life and how to create a good balance for your dog. He is dedicated to making things work for you and your family in a manageable way.