Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience focuses on the routine at home. The course includes six (6) dog training lessons in the comfort of your home. We'll teach you how to make each command you learn useful in your everyday life. We don't ask you to set aside extra time each day to practice, we just ask that you put your new dog training skills to use in your routine.

Supplies Needed:

  • Dog Treat Bag
  • Pea Sized Dog Treats (high & low value)
  • Walking Collar (if applicable)
  • 6 ft. Standard Leash

All of our course are personalized to fit your goals and routine. Below you can see what a typical basic obedience training plan looks like. Depending on your goals, your routine, your dogs strengths and weaknesses, your training plan could look different. Book a Meet and Greet to make a training plan with your trainer.

Week 1: Focus and Leave It

Learn how to get your dog to make eye contact when you need their attention. Teach your dog the act of walking away from distractions by learning "Leave It."

Week 2: Loose Leash Walk

We will discuss choosing the right collar to walk your dog and how to have a relaxed and enjoyable dog walk without leash pulling.

Week 3: Sit and Stay

Not only will we teach you how to achieve a sit command and how to get your dog's focus, we will also make those commands useful for you. Do you want to teach your dog to sit every time the door bell rings? We can teach you how make sit work for your routine. We will also teach you how to get your dog stay in place. A great way we can make that useful for you is by teaching your to always stay at doorways so you don't have to hold your dog back to get in and out the door. We can also turn stay into a fun Hide 'n' Seek game for the kids.

Week 4: Lay

Teach your dog to lay down on command and how to use it to get your dog to settle down when needed. Ask you dog trainer how to take it to the next level by teaching a "Place" command to have your dog lay and stay in a designated spot.

Week 5: Come

Achieve a good recall command and learn how to strengthen the command around distractions.

Week 6: Distractions

Put your dog training skills to the test by practicing everything you have learned in a high distraction environment. It's your choice where you would like to spend this lesson, your local park, favorite pet store, or patio restaurant.

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