Gabel’s Story

An Adopted Rescue From Young William's Animal Center

Smart, Hardworking, & a Little Scared

Gabel came into Young Williams Animal Center, scared and with an uncertain future. Soon after arrival, he was taken in the vet clinic to get the necessary vaccines and schedule his neuter. The staff observed him get scared and aggressive while they were trying to provide care. Unsure of if he would be able to be adopted, the staff sought out our help to see if we could work through his fear and help him find his forever home.

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The first day we worked with Gabel, it was apparent that he was special. He learned everything we taught him with total ease. We wanted to get him into a working mindset and teach him learning is a fun activity. He flew through every task we gave him. In one day he learned how to sit, come, stay, and how to find hidden treats. By the end of the session, we had his trust and his love.

The next time we visited Gabel, we began work with desensitizing him to a muzzle. Since he doesn't like to be restrained at the vet's office, we thought it was best to provide a safe way for him to work on his fear and trust issues. After some practice, he became comfortable with the muzzle and within time we were able to examine him and hold him like they needed to at the vet without too much fuss.

Since Gabel has come such a long way, he was able to get neutered and is now available for adoption at Young Williams Animal Center. He comes included with a My Curious Canine training scholarship to help his new owners make a smooth transition and continue progress.

UPDATE: Gabel has been adopted!

If you are interested in adoption, please visit Young Williams Animal Center.

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