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Fast and Efficient Learning for Your Dog Training Needs

Training your dog takes daily work and dedication to form the new habits and behaviors your desire. In-Home dog training is a great option for people to learn alongside their dog but not everyone has the time to give or maybe they need results very quickly. Our positive dog trainers are happy to open up their hearts and homes to your pets. Send your dog to live and learn with one of our positive dog trainers where they will get hours of daily attention dedicated to reshaping and improving their behavior. Our board and train programs can help your reach a lot of different goals whether your want to work on basic obedience or more serious issues such as anxiety and aggression. Our dog trainers send you daily updates with photos and videos so you can track your dog's progress and know how to maintain their success when they return home

Our Promise To Stay Positive

Our Knoxville dog trainers are dedicated to giving your dog the best care and training during their Board and Train program. We promise to always use methods that are gentle, safe, and based on modern dog science. You never have to worry about us using pain, force, or starvation tactics to get your dog to perform. Our dog trainers know how to use dog psychology to their advantage to reach all of your dog training goals. We dedicate ourselves to caring about your dog's health and wellness just as much as their behavior. We are dog trainers your can trust!

Unsure If Board and Train is The Right Fit For Your Dog?

Before you sign your dog up for Board and Train with one of our positive dog trainers, get to know us first! We schedule a complimentary meet and greet with all of our new clients. A meet and greet is a great time to get to know your dog's trainer, have your dog's behavior evaluated, and create a dog training plan to fit your goals and needs. Schedule your complimentary meet and greet today and get a free quote! Your dog is only a couple weeks away from good behavior, don't waste anymore time!

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