Dog Barking Driving You Crazy?

Fix it Today!

Shut Up Already!

"If I hear one more bark, I'm going to lose my mind!" If we have heard it once, we have heard it a thousand times. Your dog's barking will drive you absolutely bonkers. With working from home being the new normal for the foreseeable future, your dog's barking could also be driving your coworkers crazy, or worse your boss... If you wanting a solution to dog barking today, let's first look at what causes it.

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Barking

  • Prey Drive: If your dog is obsessive about watching squirrels and birds out the window, the dog barking you are hearing can be from high prey drive.
  • Boredom: If your dog is doing other boredom behaviors, such as digging, chewing, licking the couch, pulling stuffing from toys, or being generally hyper, boredom could be causing your dog to bark.
  • Anxiety: Does the tiniest noise send your dog into a barking fit? Does your dog also experience shaking, whining, or other nervous behaviors? Anxiety could be motivating your dog to bark
  • Wanting Attention:Your dog is accustomed to getting your attention when you are home. Now that you are home all the time, your dog may not be understanding that your attention can't always be given.
  • Desire to Guard: Dogs with a desire to protect and guard the home are going to be more likely to bark when people and animals can be seen or heard outside.

It Could Be Any Number of Reasons. We have ONE Solution!

All of the reasons for dog barking we discussed above have one thing in common. They are caused by your dog having an overactive mind. The best way to promote a calm mindset for your dog is through stimulation and enrichment activities. You may be too busy to give your dog more time and attention that their barking is going to require. We are here to help. Our Knoxville dog trainers can help curb this behavior over time with positive reinforcement dog training but they can also help you see results today by taking your dog on one of our famous working dog walks. Our dog trainers don't just walk your dog, they train them while they walk to drain the most amount of physical and mental exercise possible. Dog walks are a great way to drain down the mental energy that fuels your dogs overactive mind and dog barking. After one of our dog walking lessons, your dog will return home exhausted and ready to relax the rest of the day.

Listen to Your Dog

Your dog is saying something to your with their dog barking. It may be way too loud but the message must be heard. Your dog NEEDS a Knoxville dog walker to help ease their mind, keep them fit, and promote good mental health. Don't let your dog's message go unheard or you will be dealing with that awful dog barking forever. Remember that a tired dog is always a good dog. A simple dog walk alone is amazing to tire your dog out, but a working dog walk with one of our positive reinforcement dog trainers is a great way to go above an beyond for your dog's health and well being. You are only one dog walk away from a quite day. a href="">Book a dog walk today!

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