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Stress Free and Looking FABULOUS!

For The Love Of Dog

Your dog deserves to feel their best, while also looking the best! Choosing a cage free dog groomer for your pet is a very important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. One bad grooming experience can have your dog snipping over touched toes. Our Knoxville Dog Groomers dedicate themselves to making your dog's grooming experience stress free and relaxing. We encourage you to bring your dog ready to get lots of treats and love! Your dog will get breaks anytime they need it to relax and calm down if something feels stressful or scary. Our goal is to make your dog love being groomed! Be ready, your dog groomer may give you simple homework to help your dog enjoy their grooming experience. Regularly touching your dogs feet and giving treats not only helps us, more importantly it helps your dog. Running an electric toothbrush over your dogs face can also help them be more comfortable whenever they need trimmed with clippers

We always

  • Work with your dog one-on-one. We believe a lot of dogs getting groomed together promotes stress. Your dog will be our groomer's one and only priority while your dog is with us.
  • Keep your dog cage-free
  • Give your dog breaks to relax
  • Use treats to train your dog to like grooming

The Secret to Stress Free Grooming

Our Knoxville dog groomers love training your dog to love dog grooming. All of our staff at My Curious Canine understand how powerful positive reinforcement is. Our dog groomers keep a check on your dog's stress signals to catch the first sign of nervousness. They are armed with treats and ready to give your dog the direction and encouragement they need to get over hurdles like clipping nails! Grooming can be scary with all the loud sounds and touches from a stranger. Our dog groomers are ready to teach your dog to enjoy it and send them home with a fabulous hair cut.

Grooming Services

All of our grooming services include pick up and drop off at your front door during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Full Groom: Starts at $125

Shampoo Bath, Hair Cut, 15 minute Brushing, Nail Trim, Sanitary Clipping, Anal Gland Cleaning and Ear Cleaning

Bath and Brush: Starts at $90

Shampoo Bath, 15 minute Brushing, Nail Trim, Sanitary Clipping, and Ear Cleaning

Nail Clipping


Anal Gland Cleaning

Medicated Baths

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