Top 5 Ways Your Dog Drives Your Holiday Guests Crazy

Get Your Dog Ready For The Upcoming Holiday Season

Remember The smell of evergreens, the jingling of bells

Everything was merry and bright on Christmas day, except... the family dog. Grandma had just arrived with a huge smile on her face, right when the dog came barreling through the house and jumped all over her snow white coat. "GET DOWN!" What a joyous greeting that was and it left you thinking, I should fix this before next year.

Well, now is the time! Dogs get excited and nervous when there are big changes to their routine. Guests coming for a holiday visit isn't an everyday occurrence for them and they don't always know how to act. Check out the top five dog behaviors to address with your dog before your holiday guests arrive this year!

You guest hate when your dog...

  • Jumps Up: First impressions are everything. Every good hostess knows the first few moments upon arrival really set a tone for your guests. When your guests walk in the door every good host hopes to give their guests the tranquility of a cozy, inviting home. The chaos of dog jumping on them is not part of the warm entrance you are hoping for! Start training your dog to sit for your holiday guests today! Its not too late but time is running out quickly!
  • Licks: A big slobbery dog kiss, a wet spot on the furniture, the sound of slurping, all may have your guests saying "YUCK!" Sometimes the stress of the big busy day has dogs stressed out and they resort to licking hands, feet, themselves, and the couch excessively to calm themselves. Don't make your guest's stomachs turn before they even sit down to eat, ask one of our Knoxville dog trainers how to ease your dog's mind!
  • Begs For Food: A dog nose is not the table decor your guests want to be seeing this holiday season. Begging is an easily corrected behavior, ask your My Curious Canine dog trainer about teaching a "Place" Command so that you can have your dog peacefully, resting away from the table during dinner time.
  • Barks and/or Growls: Don't have your dogs running away in fear from your barking, growling dog. Whether your dog is just barking out of excitement or not, it can have your guest feeling uneasy or reaching for the Tylenol. Give your dog and guests peace of mind this year and make sure to address any fear or negative responses to greeting people."
  • Paces Through The Party With a full house of people moving about, your dog may not know where or even how to relax and your guests are left to trip over and move around them. Dogs pace when they can't settle their minds or they feel nervous. This year, ask a dog trainer how to set a "Place" command for your dog so they know when and where to relax.

Are you ready to have your dog behaving this holiday season without resorting to harsh methods? Book a Free Meet and Greet today with one of our positive reinforcement dog trainers to discuss a personalized training plan geared to get your dog ready to impress your guests!

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