Is Group Training Right For My Dog

Socialized Learning

When deciding whether to take group classes or private lessons to train your dog, you want to make sure you are picking what best suits your dog's needs. Group dog training classes can be a great way for dog owners to learn basic obedience commands. They also get the benefit of socializing with other dogs, and getting practice around distractions outside of the home. However, not every dog or owner is best suited to group dog training classes. Some dogs are easily overwhelmed in a group setting, others have issues that are better addressed at home where the behavior happens. Ask yourself these three questions to decide if group dog training classes is right for your dog!

What are your goals?

Group classes are taught following a set curriculum and is often a good way to learn basic commands and behaviors. However, if your dog is chasing the neighbors cat or bolting out the front door, it may be best to work on that specific behavior with a private trainer. A private dog trainer can tailor a dog training plan right for your dog's needs.

How does your dog interact with others?

Learning at a distance from other dogs during group dog training classes can be great for dogs that are a little shy and even a little excited. Slightly shy dogs really benefit from seeing other dogs are not going to bother them, since interacting during class time is discouraged. While, dogs that get excited around other dogs can benefit from learning some self control. However, dogs that are struggling with aggression should work with a private dog trainer. You do not want to risk other classmates by trying to come to a group dog training class. Also, dogs that are struggling with extreme anxiety, who hide, won't take treats, and generally shut down should also start with a private dog trainer. They will learn much better with time and help easing into more distracted learning environments.

How Flexible Is Your Schedule?

Group dog training classes are scheduled on set days and times. Make sure you check to see class dates and times to ensure group classes will work with your schedule. If your schedule isn't flexible, a private dog trainer has a lot more available time slots to suite your busy schedule.

Do you feel ready to schedule a group dog training lesson? Join us at Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, TN for group dog training! Does it sound like private training is a better fit for your dog? Schedule a free meet and greet with a Knoxville dog trainer today!

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