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Spectacular views, fresh air, starry skies. Camping is such a great adventure filled with things we would love to share with our beloved dogs. However, you may be hesitant to take your dog out on your next adventure if you dog has issues with chasing wildlife, barking, running away, leashing pulling, etc. Camping is suppose to be a relaxing escape so we don't want our dog's behavior causing it to be a lot of stress and hassle to take them along with us. Don't worry our positive dog trainers have some tips for you

Before You Go

To have your dog prepared for camping the great outdoors, you will want to consider some useful dog training cues and behaviors for your dog to practice. Practicing at home or at your local park before you go venturing off together will help ensure your dog knows the cue and is able to respond to it around distractions. Some of the most useful dog training cue for camping are..

  • Loose Leash Walk

    You'll want to make sure your camping dog has mastered the loose leash walk before you go camping. Since your dog will have to be on a leash most of the time during your trip, you don't want them pulling on you every bathroom break and walk.

  • "Come"

    Having a good recall is the single most important skill for every dog to know, especially when venturing into great outdoors. If you dog gets away from you at any point in time, you have to know they will come back when called, no matter how many distractions are around.

  • "Stay"

    Stay is a very useful command for your dog while you are loading and unloading camping gear from the car. It can also be a life saver if your were to encounter any wildlife on your trip.

  • "Lay"

    At the end of a long day, you will want to relax by the fire and look up to the stars. Make sure to plan on packing a comfy dog bed and make sure they know how to lay down, so you can let them know when time to settle for the day.

In Camp

Once you feel like your camping dog is ready and has the necessary skills and supplies to be safe and have fun on your next camping adventure, its time to think about your dog's routine. You want to make sure you start positive and set a good camping routine with your dog.
  • Dog Walks are one of the most important elements of your dog's care. You will want to make sure your dog is getting time to explore and exercise. If you aren't doing a lot of hiking during the day we suggest starting your dog's morning and finishing their day with a dog walk. This will get them relaxed and focused at the beginning of the day and allow them to unwind and chill out at the end of the day, as well as give them time to go potty.
  • Greeting Others Dog's learn behaviors from past experiences, so you will want to set a standard or routine for how your dog should greet other campers or dogs. We suggest practicing a sit for pets routine when greeting others at home and in the camp ground!"
  • Keep Your Dog Secure and always abided by local leash laws regardless of how well behaved your dog is. Make sure you have a plan for securing you dog while in camp. You can use a hands free dog leash to keep your dog close by your side, or consider something like Knot-a-Hitch by Ruffwear. You dog should never be unsupervised while on a leash or line. Having a kennel available in your tent or camper might be something to consider as well if your dog is kennel trained.
  • Feeding Time is not only necessary, it is also an opportunity to occupy your dog for awhile, leaving them tired. Plan to make meal times, working time for your dog while camping. You can bring an interactive feeder or scatter dog food in a patch of grass for your dog to sniff around and find. Draining your dog's mental energy is just as important as physical exercise

Come prepared and you are sure to have a great time with your dog. Enjoy your trip and remember to leave no trace. Does your dog need extra help with their leash manners or public behavior before going out in public? Book a complimentary in-home meet and greet with a positive dog trainer today!

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