Mini Dog Training Classes

Solve Specific Behavioral Issues With Focused Training

Does your dog have specific behavioral issues that you'd like to target head-on? My Curious Canine offers focused mini dog training classes for a lower price than full training, starting at $125 - $250 per dog. Popular courses include crate training and house training, how to get your dog to stop barking, preparing your dog for a new baby in the house, and mastering the loose leash walk. Let our private dog trainers help you keep your dog on their best behavior by booking today.

Mini Training Courses

Book House & Crate Training →

House & Crate Training (1 Sessions)

Starting At $125

  • Creating a Routine
  • Noticing Potty Cues
  • Making the Kennel a Safe Place
  • Tips and Tricks

Book Preparing For Baby →

Preparing For Baby (3 Sessions)

Starting At $375

  • Canine Psychology & Body Language
  • Safety Precautions
  • Introducing Your Baby
  • "Settle Down"
  • Building Invisible Boundaries

Book Stop Barking →

Stop Barking (3 Sessions)

Starting At $375

  • Recognizing Triggers
  • Change the Routine
  • Helpful Tools

Book Mastering The Walk →

Mastering The Walk (3 Sessions)

Starting At $375

  • Picking the Right Collar
  • Loose Leash Technique
  • Working Through Distractions
  • Emergency Recall