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Bite Prevention Group Classes

A Free Class For Parents & Kids

Join us at Ijams Nature Center the last Saturday of every month to learn how to stay safe around dogs and prevent dog bites. This class is free for children and parents to attend. We are excited to bust some common myths about dog behavior. Did you know a wagging tail doesn’t always mean a happy, friendly dog? We will be discussing the following topics and will incorporate a game with special prizes.

Dog Body Language

Learn the communication signals & how to identify a dangerous dog, as well as how to use your own body language to communicate appropriately.

Say Hello

Practice the proper way to greet a dog safely with the right communication techniques. Hint: You shouldn’t stick your hand out to smell!

Safety Rules

Go over the guidelines for interacting safely with canines and learn how to apply them in your regular routine.


Learn how to respond when a dog becomes aggressive and what to do in the event of an attack.