The Easiest Way to Train Your Dog

Every Interaction is an Opportunity

Don't Get Frustrated, Get Positive!

Training your dog can get really frustrating sometimes. Whether you are trying to solve dog aggression, jumping, barking or just looking to work on basic dog training commands, there are a million resources online with so many different opinions. It leaves dog owners with a lot of questions. How do you know the best dog training method for you dog? How much time is it going to take? Can you and your dog be successful? We are here to help you navigate this decision and make the best choice for you and your dog. We have the secret for the easiest way to train your dog

How do you know the best dog training method for your dog?

Look to the scientists! The science behind dog behavior and learning has come so far in the last decade. We know so many things we didn't before, like....

  • Dominance theory is outdated and WRONG! Dr. David Mech, the scientist who developed dominance theory in 1968, also disproved it.
  • Dogs are more motivated by rewards than punishment
  • Dogs place different values on different rewards
  • A wagging tail doesn't always mean a happy, friendly dog
  • Dogs use over 20 body language signals to communicate
The science is in and its crystal clear. The most effective and easiest dog training method is positive reinforcement. You will always attract more bees with honey than vinegar. Don't worry, you won't be stuck using treats forever. There are tons of dog training rewards that aren't food related. Does your dog want to go outside? Go on a walk? Snuggle on the couch? Those are all rewards that can be used to develop good manners and good behavior.

How much time is it going to take?

All the dog owners we work with share the same concern on the first day. How am I going to find the time to practice and make this work? Dog training shouldn't be something you do an extra 30 minutes per day. The skills you learn from your dog trainer should be viewed as communication tools that fit seamlessly into your life and schedule. You have daily interactions with your dog that can't be avoided. You have to let your dog outside to go potty. You have to feed your dog twice per day. Your dog asks to play fetch every night and you do take regular walks. All of those natural interactions with your dog are dog training opportunities! Practicing stay before going out to potty takes only 5-15 seconds. If you practice every time you have this golden opportunity, not only will you be practicing your dog's stay command, you will also be teaching them to always wait before rushing out doorways. Our dog trainers specialize in making dog training fit into your life without disruption, in a way that builds the manners and dog behavior you desire.

Can you and your dog be successful?

ABSOLUTELY! Nothing can prepare you better for success than a good dog trainer who teaches your dog psychology and simple ways to practice your dog training skills in your everyday life. Anything is possible through the power of positive reinforcement dog training! Our clients see success everyday with goals like separation anxiety, aggression, barking, jumping up, counter surfing, basic obedience, off leash dog training, and more! If you have a dog training goal, we have a plan to get you there! Book a complimentary Meet and Greet with one of our positive reinforcement dog trainers today!

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