5 Questions To Ask Your Pet Sitter

Before You Hire Them

Vacations mean relaxation, fun in the sun, and time away from your worries! Except you can't imagine trusting anyone to watch your beloved pets. What if your pet gets runs away? What if they forget to feed them? Will they take my dog on walks? There are all sorts of worries that come along with leaving your beloved pet at home with a stranger. You want to make sure when you are searching for a Knoxville pet sitter you choose a quality company with professional services. Online pet care booking services can be a risky choice. You don't want just anyone watching your pets, you want a serious professional with experience. There are a lot of local, experienced Pet sitting services in Knoxville, TN. To ensure you are making the right decision, ask your pet sitter these five questions.

1. What training has the pet sitter recieved?

When working around animals it is imperative to have an understanding in animal behavior and body language. A good pet sitter should know signs of stress, pain, and aggression to ensure their safety and the safety of your pets. You also want someone who is committed to following the house rules. Teaching the dog to not jump and getting the cat to stay off the counter was hard work, you want to choose someone who will continue that work. At My Curious Canine our Knoxville pet sitters are trained to follow our positive reinforcement methods for communicating and interacting with your pets.

2. How do they send updates?

You want to know how things are going and a pet sitter who keeps and shares good records each day is a must. Whether you are potty training a new puppy or an older dog requiring medicine, you deserve confirmation and peace of mind that the schedule is being followed.

3. What interactions and activities do they have planned for your pet?

Daily exercise, interaction, cuddles, and attention are important keep your pets happy and relaxed while you are away. Ask you pet sitter how they plan to supply these crucial needs. Our Knoxville pet sitters bring puzzle toys, play training games, love to give doggy massages, and never miss a dog walk outside. Daily care shouldn't be an uncharge, it's a necessity.

4. Do they have the ability to get your dog proper medical care in the event of an emergency?

Sometimes things happen whether your dog catches a cold or gets injured. Your pet sitter should have a system in place to provide veterinary care to your pet during your absence.

5. What questions do they have about your pet?

A quality pet sitter will take the time to get to know your dogs like, dislikes, quirks, and boundaries. You should ask your pet sitter a lot of questions before hiring them but they should be asking you more. At the end of the day the best pet sitters in Knoxville are the ones that truly love and care for the animals they have the pleasure of spending time with.

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