Dog Training for German Shepherds

Bred for Intelligence, Trained for Results

Smart Dogs Require Smarter Dog Trainers

Highly intelligent, fiercely loyal, and tirelessly hardworking, you chose a German Shepherd for its many desirable traits. They have been studied and bred for superior performance for generations. In the book, The Intelligence of Dogs, the author Stanley Coren ranked the breed third in intelligence. He found they had the ability to learn simple tasks in as little as five repetitions and that they obeyed the first command, an impressive, 95% of the time.

It's no secret that German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds you can get but that intelligence sometimes makes successful dog training techniques seem like a mystery. There are so many options for German Shepherd dog training in Knoxville, TN and just like you chose a smart dog, you want a smart dog trainer as well. Hiring a dog trainer who understands the highly intelligent, working mind of a German Shepherd is important if you hope to be successful. Check out these five things you need to be looking for in a quality German Shepherd dog trainer in Knoxville, TN.

Make Sure Your German Shepherd Trainer...

  • Teaches You More Than The Dog: A German Shepherd dog trainer knows just how smart the dog is that they are working with. They know that a German Shepherd is going to figure out how to get away anything they can and they'll test each person to see where the boundaries are set. The best dog trainers focus on teaching their human clients how to understand their German Shepherd's behavior and how to effectively set and communicate clear boundaries.
  • Uses Modern, Science Backed Techniques German Shepherds are so smart that their intelligence can make them a challenge to train. This has in the past resulted in a lot of German Shepherds being enrolled in tough, punishment based dog training programs. Dog behavior research has advanced our understanding of how dogs learn. Modern dog training techniques focus on motivating the right behaviors through clear communication versus punishing the wrong ones. After all it is a lot easier to do the right thing, when you are told exactly what the right thing is.
  • Suggests Gentle, Safe Equipment: . German Shepherds are strong and tough as much as they are intelligent. You want to choose a German Shepherd trainer who cares for both your dog's mental and physical health. There is a lot of dog training aids often used by German Shepherd trainers that can result in pain or injury, induce fear, and even cause aggression. Make sure to do your research on the equipment a German Shepherd trainer is suggesting before you sign your dog up.
  • Knows The Importance Of A Job: German Shepherd trainers understand how important it is to consider that German Shepherd are working breed dogs that require a lot of mental stimulation. A quality German Shepherd trainer will want to discuss hobbies and interests you may want to include in your dog training plan.

Being smart about training your smart dog shouldn't be a hassle. You can have a German Shepherd Trainer come to your home to discuss a personalized training plan. Schedule a free meet and greet with a German Shepherd Trainer in Knoxville, TN.

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