Before Bringing Home Baby To Meet Fido

After many long months you are finally ready to deliver your precious bundle of joy but you still have this nagging worry in the back of your mind. How will the dog react? With all of stress, hormones, and excitement looming through the air your dog is sure to know something is up and might even be feeding off all the energy in the house.

Lots of Changes Mean Stress For Your Dog.

Believe it or not, all the changes and excitement revolving around a new baby can be quite stressful for dogs. They can no longer curl up in mom's lap, the baby shower brought too many people in the house, and for some reason they can't even go into the spare room anymore. Stress can very easily turn into behavioral issues for our beloved pets. With all the new responsibilities of being a new parent quickly approaching, it's wise to check in on your dog's behavior now, rather than later.

Your Dog Has Needs

The first step to making sure your dog has a good transition, is making sure their basic needs are still being met. Every dog requires a few basic things in their life to keep them happy and healthy. It's our responsibility as dog lovers to meet those needs.

  • Exercise

    Every dog needs to stretch their legs and get in some cardio. For some dog's running around in the back yard isn't enough because they need to explore new sights and smells to not get bored. Worried you won't be able to maintain your dog walks right away after bringing home baby? You may want to consider hiring a Knoxville Dog Walker.

  • Mental Stimulation

    Not only do dog's need physical exercise, they also need to exercise their brains! Dog Training, Interactive Toys and Feeders, games, and dog walks are all great ways to add mental stimulation to your dog's day

  • Community

    Dogs are social creatures and do not do well being isolated. They need to interact with people and other dogs to keep them social and happy.

  • Boundaries

    Dogs are calmer and more well behaved when they know what is expected of them. Consistency is key!

  • Routine

    Being creatures of extreme routine, dogs come to expect and anticipate what is going to happen next in their day to day life. When that expectation isn't met, that can be quite stressful. So try to maintain your dog's routine as best you can.

You and Your Baby Have Needs

Now that we have talked about your dog's needs, lets talk about yours and your baby's needs! You need to be able to trust your dog around your precious baby and you need to know that your dog will listen. Teaching your dog some basic commands and addressing any current bad behaviors now can drastically cut down on the issues your encounter upon bringing your baby home.

  • No Jumping!

    Trying to hold a baby while a dog jumps all over you, is not something you want to be dealing with your first day home from the hospital. Start a new routine now! Have treats by the door and be ready to ask your dog to sit every time you enter the door for the next few months. You want your dog to anticipate the new routine of sitting for a yummy treat.

  • No Barking!

    Your dog's barking may be something you can live with, but what if your baby can't sleep through it. Every knock at the door could be a nap interrupted.

  • "Leave It"

    This command is great to get your dog to walk away from something. Whether that is a pacifier, a tummy mat, or your last chicken nugget!

  • Loose Leash Walk:

    Wouldn't it be lovely to walk your dog and push the stroller at the same time without worrying about your dog darting off the the side after a squirrel?

  • "Come": Imagine a sleeping baby inside the cozy nursery, when BAM! You realize your dog got out of the fence and is running around the neighborhood. A good recall is crucial to keep you from chasing your dog all over town.

  • "Settle"

    It's baby's nap time and your dog decided its the perfect time to get wild and excited. Teach your dog a "Settle" command to have them lay down in a designated spot and relax.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help

With so many dog training methods out there, there is a lot of room for confusion and you may not have the time to waste! Finding the right help can be challenging with so many different trainers in Knoxville, TN. You want to avoid dog training methods that rely heavily on punishment and e-collars. You don't want to risk bringing our fear or aggression in your dog now, at such a pivotal point in your life and you certainly don't want to be juggling a bottle, a baby, AND a remote training aid.

With positive reinforcement dog training methods, you will be seeing a change in your dog's behavior in a few short weeks! One of our Knoxville dog trainers is happy to address any behavioral concerns you dog may have and help guide you and your dog through this next new phase of life! Book a FREE Meet and Greet today to discuss a personalized training plan right in the comfort of your home.

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