Off Leash Training

Autonomy, Independence, & Freedom

No, we’re not celebrating the Fourth of July – we’re talking about off leash dog training. When your dog is trained to safely roam off leash, you both can enjoy and explore the world around you in a fun and exciting way. When your dog is off leash trained, you truly have a companion capable of discovering and appreciating the great outdoors and the world at large. It can be a remarkable experience for both owners and dogs alike.

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However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy or without danger: unexpected loud noises, wild animals and even other off leash dogs can startle a dog and cause him to bolt. If you want your dog to be off leash capable, you need to always be in control of your dog’s behavior – even when you aren’t bound by a leash or relying on a shock collar to correct unwanted behavior.

What Does it Mean to Be Off Leash Capable?

Many dog owners feel like their dog is off leash capable when Fido comes when called. While recall is an essential part off any dog’s off leash training, there’s much more that goes into training a dog to be truly off leash capable. A dog who is off leash capable is always attentive to her owner, even from 20 or 30 or 50 feet away. off leash capable dogs frequently check in with their humans even as they roam free. Additionally, learning commands beyond the basic “sit” and “stay” goes in to many dogs’ off leash training.

Useful Commands

A dog who is ready to enjoy the world off leash likely understands commands like the following.

  • “Right” and “Left” – Remember, you’re in control of your off leash dog. Teaching simple direction commands makes navigating together easy.
  • “Leave it” – Your dog will inevitably find something in nature you’d rather him leave behind. Whether that’s garbage or another dog, knowing this command will allow your dog to understand what’s off limits.
  • “Down” from a distance – Being able to signal when to stop or even lie down from some distance away is another important part of off leash dog training. Being able to tell your dog when to stop could even save her life in certain situations.

When Is Your Dog Ready?

A dog who is truly off leash capable can follow commands and obey without the use of punitive dog training aids, allowing you and your pet to truly enjoy and experience the great outdoors without fear.

off leash dog training can help you and your dog bond and enjoy the world around you in new ways. My Curious Canine can help you determine if your dog is off leash capable and help you work toward your off leash dog training goals with positive reinforcement and proper communication.  For more information or to get started, learn more about my dog training style or contact me to book an appointment.

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