My Doggie Valentine

You love your dog. That goes without saying. They’re wonderful companions that greatly improve our lives. We all love on our dogs by petting them and giving them treats but have you ever considered other ways to enrich their lives as they enrich ours? This Valentine’s Day, show your dog you love them in new ways and make them your doggie valentine.


Dogs need mental and physical stimulation, in order to live happy and fulfilled lives. A bored dog is liable to act out in undesired ways leading to unwanted frustrations. A working dog is a happy dog. Teaching your dog a new trick and putting the time in to train with them will help deepen your bond and positively reinforce desired behavior. Our trainers can teach you several tricks and games to play with your dog to help you keep your dog stimulated and well behaved. Set up a complimentary meet and greet with one of our Knoxville dog trainers

Field Trips:

Dogs love to go on walks but are their walk becoming routine? Next time you reach for that harness take your buddy on an adventure to somewhere new. Take your dog out for a hike, go to the dog park, or take them with you to run errands at pet-friendly stores. Incorporating field trips to new places is exhilarating for them and will stimulate them more than a routine walk. Take your pup on a Valentine's day hike, see parks near you


Does your dog have a favorite toy or puzzle that has seen better days? Treat them to a new one and watch them light up with joy. A brand new puzzle toy can provide hours of mental engagement and stimulation. Especially if they have already figured out their other puzzles. Having a constant rotation of toys to play with keeps your furry friend engaged and focused on their new toys rather than your nice shoes or couch cushions. Valentine's day is all about giving gifts to your most loved ones, why not spoil your dog?

Have a Spa Day:

Just like you love to get your nails and hair done, taking your furry friend to the groomer can show them that you love them and care for them. While they may not necessarily enjoy being at the groomer. They will enjoy nicely trimmed nails and a well-brushed coat. Keeping on top of your dog's hygiene, especially for certain breeds that need regular maintenance, leads to happier pups.

Enriching Their Diet:

You already take great care in what you feed your dog by buying them special kibble, adding a few things into their diet can help curb the boredom of mealtime. Cut the ends off raw vegetables and add it to their bowl, add egg whites you were going to discard from baking, throw in a spoonful of cottage cheese or a splash of fish oil. Zesting up their meals shows them that you care and want them to enjoy mealtime as much as you do.

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A Dog Owner’s New Year

With every new year brings the same resolutions: you’ll go to the gym more, you’ll call your family more, and you will finally start that diet you’ve been considering lately. You’ve got your goals and priorities down and are working at achieving them. This year dog owners are adding their dog onto their list of resolutions

From better safety and better health to improved behavior and a closer bond. There are so many ways to improve your dog's quality of life and build a closer bond with your furry best friends.

Regular Exercise

You’ve resolved yourself to achieving that step goal and want your dog to be less excitable around company or other dogs. Bring your dog along with you for your walks or runs. Just like you, dogs need stimulation and regular exercise. Can't make it out for regular walks yourself? Hire a Dog Walker!

Work on Socialization

You want to spend more time with your friends and family this year and want to socialize. That need to be among others is also instilled in dogs. Canines are pack animals and need to interact with other dogs to stimulate them and keep them happy. Bring your dog to the park, play care, or beer garden. Have you heard about our new doggie daycare and indoor dog park, The Bark

Learn About Body Language

You know your dog well but how does your neighbor’s or friend’s children? Anytime you introduce children to your dog’s environment take the time to explain to them your dog’s rules and boundaries.

Improve Car Safety

Take precautions whenever you bring your dog along for a ride in your car. Use a car harness, crate, or backseat barrier ignorer to safely secure everyone when on the road. These safety measures could be the difference between life and death for both you and your furry friend in the event of an accident.

Ditch the Retractable Leash

If you’re still using a retractable leash consider replacing it with a sturdier rope lead. Often times on retractable leash dogs can venture further than we expected a sudden rate and can cause serious injury to your hands, arms and legs. A fixed leash is measurable and more easily controlled which could be the difference in your dog veering into the street or lunging at another animal or person in the park.

As the new year gets rolling what resolutions will you make with your dog mind? If behavior is your number one concern, our positive dog trainers are here to help! Book a complimentary Meet & Greet today!

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Best Hikes For Your Dog

Hikes and Howls

Beautiful trees, bubbling streams, and breathtaking views are good for your mind, body, and soul. Those benefits can be shared with your dog but sometimes finding a dog friendly trail can be difficult. Our own Great Smoky Mountains National Park has miles and miles of trails for humans but you will only find two trails in the entire park where dogs are allowed Gatlingburg Trail (1.9 Miles) in Gatlinburg, TN and Oconaluftee River Trail (1.5 Miles) all the way in Cherokee, NC. Our positive reinforcement dog trainers are avid hikers and want to share with you their five favorite dog friendly hiking spots in East Tennessee.

Best Places to Take Your Dog Hiking in East Tennessee

  • Frozen Head State Park: Located in Oakridge, TN, the park has over 50 miles of dog friendly hiking trails that meander by waterfalls, rock shelters and giant mountaintop cap rocks. A portion of the Cumberland Trail even passes through the park.
  • Knoxville's Urban Wilderness: There are currently over 50 miles of dog friendly trails connecting multiple parks and cultural sites within the Knoxville Urban Wilderness.
  • Big Ridge State Park: Over 15 miles of dog friendly hiking trails in Maynardville, TN feature dry ridges, lush hollows, old roadbeds, lakeshores and beside cemeteries and remnants of early settlements. Trails range from easy to very rugged. Free trail maps are available at the park office.
  • Norris Dam State Park The park has fifteen dog friendly hiking trails. They range in length from .5 mile to 5 miles and vary in degrees of difficulty from easy to difficult. These trails traverse ridge tops, valleys, hollows, and the lakeshore.
  • Panther Creek State Park: With over 30 miles of dog friendly hiking trails in Morristown, TN you are sure to find a trail to fall in love with and tire out your dog.

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Best Pet Stores In Knoxville

It's What Is Inside That Counts

Responsible dog owners care about the quality of the treats and toys they give to their beloved pets but they also care where they buy them. Shopping local has long been an important part of the culture here in Knoxville, TN. It has given us some of the best food and shopping in the south and that extends to your beloved pet. Check out the Top 3 locally owned pet stores in Knoxville, TN. Support these great small businesses while you spoil your pooch with all the best treats and toys!

Top 3 Local Pet Stores In Knoxville

  • River Dog Bakery in Bearden bakes the best homemade dog treats and even dog birthday cakes in Knoxville. The staff there are always so engaged and friendly. They pride themselves in being a store you enjoy bringing your dog to and they hold up to that standard. Not only will you find yummy snacks for your dog but you will also find a wide range of toys and supplies as well.
  • CitiFid-O is downtown Knoxville's premier pet store, offering many locally made products and standing behind the products they offer. The staff puts a lot of thought and consideration into making sure all their treats and pet foods are made in the USA with all American ingredients. They have a range of innovative pet toys, comfy beds, and essential accessories.
  • Natural Pet Supply of Knoxville offers super premium, holistic foods, supplies, and supplements for dogs and cats. Located in Bearden, their philosophy is that better foods result in better health. All of their foods, treats, and products are of the highest quality, natural, whole ingredients with minimal processing, little to no fillers, no chemical preservatives, and human grade.

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